Pooh corner


For Our Parents,


It all began with a story that I read to my son...

"Winnie's  home" 

He liked it so much that it mode me think at some point I would like to create such a "home" in reality.

I wanted to create a home full of colors, happiness,

fairytale like... a place that felt like home and not a typical school.

A warm hospitable environment where children can be children, with their naivity,

their independance hold on to their childhood, their spontaneity,

a place where they could build their confidence and be proud of themselves.

A warm and happy home where each child could live his or her own fairytale story everyday,

in the niast educational manner,

being eared for and gaining a lot of love and attention.

This is exactly how "to spiti tou arkoudou- Pooh Corner" was created.


Donna Giannopoulou